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Welcome to Useful Knowledge!

After 25 years of experience in telecommunications sales, marketing, and training, Alan created Useful Knowledge, LLC, because of the pervasive need to bridge the knowledge gap between those who engineer telecommunications technology and those who have to sell it, buy it, use it, regulate it, or legislate about it. 

We see the business of Useful Knowledge as a translation service between the technical world and the user community.  This can take many forms:  we offer consulting services, instructor led courses in telecommunications technologies including Next Generation 911 applications and standards, assistance in Continuity of Operations planning, and now we can create flash videos for your organization for either training or promotional purposes.  Check out the Useful Knowledge video on the Flash Video Services page, and see if that doesn't tickle your professional fancy.

Of late, we have gained some experience in the world of Public Safety.  We've been working with local municipalities to complete Continuity of Operations plans.  Working jointly with Sharon Black, JD, long time member of the Useful Knowledge advisory board, we've developed a useful program on Next Generation 911, to help Public Safety officials update their 911 services to more current technologies.

We hope you'll find out more about us as you look through the site, and find our services of use to you.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have on our site or our services.  You can reach Alan by emailing alan@useful-knowledge.com.        

Thanks for coming to visit!
"Translations from the Original Geek"
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